About Us
IndiaSanitary.com is India’s largest online marketplace for Small & Medium Size sanitary trade based Businesses, connecting dealers with manufacturers. 
IndiaSanitary.com offers generate business leads, establish their credibility and use business information for their business promotion. IndiaSanitary.com is hub for ceramic business. 

We provide online community for Ceramic wall & Floor tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Sanitaryware, Bath tubs, Decorative Borders, S.S.Sinks, Bathroom accessories, Plastic Seat Covers, Cisterns, Cabinets, Luxury Bath Fittings, Glass Sinks, Decorative Mirrors, Water Storage Tanks, Manufacturers,Traders, Leading Builders, Archtects etc. 

Today IndiaSanitary.com is the only and most popular Group in INDIA. We also providing coverage of market news.
Actually IndiaSanitary.com is based on sanitary trade which has made its best endeavour to the tie all the traders, customers and manufacturers in a single thread. 

IndiaSanitary.com display of company products and display their work and ideas. IndiaSanitary.com has been established as a website company in India. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of ceramic Industries in world. 

IndiaSanitary.com is the India’s largest ceramic hub where ceramic related people can meet to each other. Buyers can choose Sanitary product from many companies with different prize rate at a time without spending any extra efforts, money, fuel and time.

IndiaSanitary.com offers a platform & tools to manufacturers to generate business leads from dealers, who use the platform to find reliable & competitive suppliers. 
IndiaSanitary.com offers an online platform for your business promotion across the country. IndiaSanitary.com makes its best effort to update the latest development in the field of sanitary Trade.